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Affordably Priced

The Basics

  • Installation of WordPress on my server or the server of your choice. What’s the difference?
  • At least three mockups of various fully-licensed themes/designs so that you can decide what’s best for you.
  • Final installation of the theme of your choice and instructions on how best to add content.
  • Responsive design that is optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Installation and configuration of core WordPress plugins; e.g., for contact forms, SEO, and other functions, as needed

Free Extras!

  • Google Apps and Gmail (Highly Recommended). I will set up Google Apps, which includes Gmail with your domain, as well as Google docs and other swell products in the Google Apps suite. You would be responsible, however, for any costs from Google, which is currently $5.00 per month per user for its business suite.
  • Social Media. I will set things up on the major social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook pages, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Once set up, I hand them over to you to update and add content. I’m always around to offer advice on how to engage in social media.
  • Feedburner. If you plan to blog, I will set up a RSS feed using Feedburner, and integrate publication of your posts with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media that integrates with Feedburner.
  • Google Analytics. I will set up a Google Analytics account and install tracking on your site so that you can track traffic to the site as well as spot any trends or issues with traffic
  • Rock Solid Advice. Seriously, I’ve been doing this for years and can say with certainty what works, looks good, and engages people—as well as what sucks. I’ll have plenty of advice about content, how to engage users, and what to think about in designing your website for your audience.

Hosting & Hosting Costs

You can either host the site yourself at whatever hosting service you like (I recommend A2 Hosting) or you can host it with me on my server. Here are the key differences:

  • Hosting With Me. If you host your site on my server, I install WordPress and build your site. Once we’re done, I stick around to make sure your site stays up to date, including updating WordPress, themes, and plugins. I also back up your site at least monthly and am available to answer any questions at anytime and to make free and simple changes to your site (more complex requests may need to be billed out hourly). Hosting on my server costs $35 per month, beginning the month we finish your site. I offer discounts for annual payment plans.
  • Hosting Yourself. If you host it on your chosen hosting service, I will install WordPress and build your site as I would normally do. But, once we’re done, you are pretty much on your own. You will need to keep WordPress and all of the plugins updated. While I won’t run away and disappear (I’m always open to questions about your site), I generally will charge an hourly rate to make any changes.