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WordPress Websites

Here’s What I Do

  • I use “off-the-shelf” WordPress themes, including those from WooThemes and ThemeTrust. But I can install pretty much any theme you choose, and I am now also building sites using the Genesis Framework. I modify the theme to fit your needs.
  • I charge $1,000 to install and customize a WordPress website on your selected domain, with up to five pages of content. It also includes installation of core WordPress plug-ins, including WordPress SEO, contact forms, and plugins that optimize website speed and function.
  • I also set up accounts on Google Analytics and Feedburner, unless you already have accounts. Then I make sure they work within WordPress.
  • Based on what you tell me about your site, I add some basic backend SEO, including appropriate titles and page meta-descriptions.
  • I can set up additional features, such as online contact forms using Gravity Forms or configuring Google Apps for your email and online documents. Depending on how complicated your needs, these may be extra but probably won’t. Simple contact forms are typically included, as is setting up Google Apps.
  • I only take up to five clients at any one time. That’s what people call “attention to detail.”

Here’s What You Do

  • You provide content, meaning you provide the words that go on the pages that go on the site. While I can help you think of content (and often suggest edits for what you give me), you know your business best so it’s best that you give it the first go.
  • Relax. Seriously. Your website is not going to make or break you. Well, it could break you if you spend way too much money for little return. Which is not what you will be doing with me.

Still interested? Fill this out to see if we’re a good fit. I hope we are.