Web Hosting Setup/Payment

I offer three different hosting plans. Each contains the same support and service. The plans include:

  • Annual: $240. Paid once each year (saves nearly 35 percent)

  • Semi-Annual: $150. Paid twice each year (saves more than 25 percent)

  • Monthly: $30. Paid at the same time each month (base plan)

Pick a Plan

If you wish to pay by check, I offer that option for the annual payment plan. Let me know here if you wish to pay for an annual plan by check.

All plans include the following:

Regular updates to the core WordPress system
Updates to all WordPress plugins used on your site
Free minor tweaks and additions to your site
Advice on how to improve your site
Monitoring of security threats
Responses to potential hacks
Backups of your site and your website data
Google analytics tracking
Use of Gravity Forms for advanced online and interactive forms

Sure, you can find much cheaper hosting, probably as low as $5.00 per month. But that only includes the first year (costs typically shoot up rapidly after the first introductory price). And it does not usually include basic troubleshooting support, advice, and monitoring of your site. That is, you would be responsible for backups and all updates to the core WordPress files, plugins, and databases. Regular maintenance, which I do, is crucial to keep your site healthy and running.