Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress

If you followed my advice and purchased hosting services that had easy to use tools to install WordPress, then this next step is easy peasy. If not, it’s a bit more complicated (but not a ton more) and it’s best to follow the detailed instructions that has here. To assuage any fears, WordPress calls this its “famous five-minute installation.”

Video: Installing WordPress

When I ran a program called Off the Clock at the Minnesota State Bar Association, I put together some nifty videos on how to install WordPress on your domain (and how to install a WordPress theme). Though I plan to redo these videos to update them (and to add more), the one about installing WordPress on your domain is still good. Here it is:

If you prefer not to watch a video, just remember this. When you sign in to your hosting account through CPanel (at least through A2 Hosting), look for a program called “Fantastico De Luxe” and click on it, then follow the instructions for a new installation of WordPress. If you do not see Fantastico, look for a program called Softaculous. Or, if you use HostGator, it’s probably best to take a look at Lawyerist’s guide to installing WordPress, which uses HostGator as the hosting service.

Look for Fantastico De Luxe or Softaculous to Help Install WordPress

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