Installing a WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress Theme

When you first install WordPress, it comes with the default theme known as “Twenty Eleven.” It’s actually not a bad theme and is easy to customize. I’ve even seen some pretty decent lawyer websites using Twenty Eleven. But, if you are like me, you have your own thoughts on how your website should look. For that, you’ll need to install a new theme.

Sources for Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes available in the market, from free to expensive. Actually, from free to relatively inexpensive. Most good themes will cost you about $35 to $50. Some are less, very few are more. And over the years when I’ve looked for good themes, I tend to use three or four trusted sources.

  • WooThemes. I’m a big fan of WooThemes because of its great support, well-designed themes, and its backend framework, which makes modifying a purchased theme relatively easy. For prior and current client projects I’ve used the Canvas, Empire, Kaboodle, Briefed, and Optimize themes, plus a few others. For my legal humor site Big Legal Brain I use the Currents theme. Again, top-quality themes that are easy to use and modify.
  • Elegantthemes. Elegant Themes also has terrific support and some very well-designed themes. Plus, it’s inexpensive, giving you access to dozens of themes for $39, renewable if you want each year (though you keep the themes you’ve already downloaded and installed). I personally like the SimplePress and Evolution themes and have used them on client sites. I’ve also used other Elegant Themes for personal sites.
  • ThemeForest. ThemeForest has a vast array of themes. But it’s a site that allows developers to post their own themes and you can buy the themes for pretty cheap (usually $35 to $40). It’s hit and miss and I’ve often purchased a few themes, messed with them, and then could not make them do what I wanted. So, it’s a great place to shop to see what developers are doing for WordPress. Not always the best place to purchase.

Other theme developers I like to check out now and then are Obox Themes, ThemeTrust, and Templatic.


Installing a theme is easy and the following video will walk you through the process. Again, the video is from 2009, so the admin functions of WordPress have changed slightly. But not so much that you won’t understand how to install a new theme.

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