Hosting Your Site

Hosting Your Site

For the public to find your website, you have to host it somewhere. Which means that you have to pay a hosting service to store all the files for your site and serve those files up to visitors when they type in your domain.

Fortunately, this part is extremely easy. Just find a hosting service you trust. For beginners, I recommend that you purchase hosting services from a company that offers “CPanel” access and that has easy to use tools to install WordPress, such as Softaculous or Fantastico. Most reputable or competitive hosting companies offer both of these, and much more.

Yeah, Just Give Me the Names

Honestly, people could go on and on about which hosting service is best for the money. I generally recommend two, in order of personal preference:

  1. A2 Hosting. I’ve been using A2 since 2007 with good results. It’s basic starter package has all that you need for one domain. And it has CPanel access (basically a large smorgasbord of options for everything related to your site, including databases and email) as well as quick tools to use to install WordPress on its servers. A2 almost always offers some sort of huge discount for purchasing a hosting package, so make sure you scan the A2 site for the discount code. It’s also best to purchase your domain at the same time you purchase hosting, as you don’t have to mess with A Name or DNS records later. If you don’t know what an A Name or DNS record is, then I strongly suggest you purchase your domain and hosting from A2 at the same time. Expect to pay about $80 the first year, then about $120 annually for each year after that. So, about ten bucks per month. But you really do get a lot with that for a simple website.
  2. HostGator. HostGator is one of the major hosting companies and is comparable to A2, though it’s a bit cheaper. I have not hosted sites on HostGator but it is recommended by Lawyerist. Again, it has CPanel access and tools for easy installation of WordPress.
Video on Setting Up Your Domain and Hosting

Though you may have already seen this earlier when I discussed buying a domain, it’s worth having this video here again. Please note, though, that the purchasing process may have changed at A2 since I first made this video tutorial.

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