Do It Yourself

Building Your Own Website

Sometimes you want to build your own law firm website. No problem. Here’s a quick but down-and-dirty tutorial from start to finish, even providing things to think about before you start. I’ve divided it up into a few bite-sized pieces so you can move from one step to the next easily. In the end, you should have a simple website installed and ready for the world to view.

Before You Start

Ask five people and you may get five different answers about what you need to do for your law firm website. You could hire someone to do everything—including writing your site’s content—or you could roll up your sleeves and do everything on your own. For me, it depends on a few key things. Read more.

Buying a Domain

This is one of the easiest parts of constructing your site. I use A2 Hosting for purchasing domains and hosting. HostGator is a good solution as well, and GoDaddy is used by many people who tell me it does what they need. But domains are cheap. The harder question is what domain name should you buy? Read more.

Hosting Your Site

There are hundreds of companies that advertise hosting services and, for the most part, they are inexpensive. Which one should you pick? I’ve had great luck with A2 Hosting for a few years now. I’ve also heard good things about HostGator, which is recommended by Lawyerist. Read more.

Picking a Platform

What’s a platform? It’s what you build your website on—basically the software on the web that controls how and what’s possible to build. Think of it as your base material and framework. For me, it’s always WordPress. But you should at least know what else is out there. Read more.

Installing WordPress

Once you have a domain and hosting services, it’s time to move into building the site. The first step is installing WordPress, the platform I use almost exclusively for law firm websites. Here’s how to do it (and I’ve added some resources to boot). Read more.

Installing a WordPress Theme

Once you’ve installed WordPress, you can certainly use the default “theme” that comes with it, which is currently called “Twenty Eleven.” Or you could install a theme that you like. While there are thousands of themes available, I always tend to go back to three or four sources. Read more.

Adding Content

A website does not need to be fancy nor comprehensive. It just needs to answer the basic who, what, where, and how questions. Answer these basic questions and you’ll have what you need for a basic law firm website. Read more.

Coming Soon: Working with Images