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Call this WordPress 101, but it’s often something overlooked or misunderstood by most of my clients. One of the easiest things you can do to add your image to your web site’s profile is to register your email and photo with the service called gravatar. What’s gravatar? It’s a free service that helps you publish your avatar, the image that appears for you when you participate in blogs or sites, especially WordPress sites. For example, my avatar generally looks like the photo at right, and it’s what appears for me when I sign in to WordPress or comment on a blog with my personal email address.

You can do the same with your own WordPress site by registering with gravatar, and I typically ask clients to do this to assure that their profile pictures appear in their sites correctly. It’s probably the easiest way to include a professional-looking photo next to your author bio.

Registering on Gravatar

Using Gravatar is extremely easy. Just sign in or register here. Once logged in, upload a photo of yourself, typically a headshot such as the one I have in this post, and then link that photo to the email address you use for your WordPress site. In my example, I have three different email addresses: one that is personal (called my primary), one for Lawyerist, and one for Thus, the Manage Gravatars screen for me looks like this (click to enlarge):

Most people, especially attorneys, will have only one gravatar for their sites. But, if you like to separate your personal profile from professional, you may want to establish two different gravatars, one for each email address. In any event, once you register them, most author biographies on well-designed WordPress sites will include your gravatar image. You don’t typically have to do anything else. Plus, when you comment on other sites, your gravatar will also typically appear next to your comment. Easy peasy.

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